About the Guidelines

There are textbooks, whole courses and a huge variety of web resources to support project management. Many of these have a business focus and, in our experience, do not directly translate well into an academic environment. Nevertheless, successful academic projects, like their counterparts in the commercial world, require attention to strategy, planning, communication, evaluation and other well-established aspects of project management. In addition, we believe, for projects to succeed, managers need substantial leadership skills and a willingness to be self-reflective.

Based on research literature, input from previous participants in our workshops and our own experience as managers in university environments, we have distilled what we consider to be the key activities/skills needed for University Project Managers into 16 Guidelines.
Each Guideline has been allocated a separate web page. You can link to these pages by clicking the Guideline in the box on the left. On each Guideline page, the full text of the Guideline is displayed above a commentary on what the Guideline means and suggestions on how to implement the Guideline. There may be links to other information within the text.  To the right of each Guideline page is a box that includes links to resource material we hope you will find useful.

Even though the Guidelines are numbered, they are not meant to represent a specific sequence of actions to be taken during the life of a project. Every project is unique in character, context and progress, and at any given time the relative importance of each Guideline will vary across different projects. In many cases, the activities referred to in a Guideline may occur throughout a project or be revisited several times.   A summary listing of the complete set of the Guidelines can be downloaded from the link below. There is also a link to a self-assessment form that will help you gauge the effectiveness and/or progress of your project against each of the Guidelines.

For those who do not like reading text on a screen we suggest you use the "Printer friendly" button on each page.

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